Heinie & Dan Ridler Memorial Golf Tournament

Registration is now available for the Heinie & Dan Ridler Memorial Golf Tournament.

Heinie and Dan Ridler were both avid golfers and very involved with the Willmar community and Eagle Creek Golf Club for many years. Heinie worked for the golf club as a bookkeeper, and Dan was a self employed accountant for 50 years before retiring in December 2012.

Heinie passed away from cancer in December 1994. The family used Rice Hospice services to help cope with her illness and to prepare for her death.  The following spring, some of her golfing friends began the Heinie Ridler Golf Tournament in her memory to benefit Rice Hospice.

Dan, along with all the Ridler children, supported and played in “The Heinie” every year. In July 2013, Dan also passed away from cancer and, once again, used Rice Hospice’s services.

In 2014, “The Heinie” was renamed the “Heinie & Dan Ridler Memorial Golf Tournament for Rice Hospice.” This charity golf tournament would never have become the success it is without the support of local businesses and individuals. Because of your generous contributions, many more patients and families have benefited from Rice Hospice.

To date, this annual golf tournament has raised over $201,443 for Rice Hospice.

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